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Woman Asks Starbucks Barista to Cut Sandwich in Half, Goes Viral For Hilarious Result: ‘Perhaps Ask for a Plastic Knife’

A woman is going viral after she posted a photo on Reddit of a sandwich she bought from her local Starbucks after she asked the barista to cut it in half.

“Hubby and I wanted to split a sandwich. I asked if it was possible if they could cut it in half,” the woman, Vivian Hargis, who was identified by Todaywrote. “The barista said, ‘Of course no problem!’….. guess I should’ve been more specific.”

The photo shows the Turkey, Provolone, and Pesto sandwich adorned with a label that says “cut in 2” — except the sandwich is cut longways instead of halved like a normal sandwich.

Naturally, other Redditors had a field day with the hysterical image and unfortunate result.

“I love this because it was so much harder for them to cut it like this,” one user said.

“I think it’s kind of annoying when someone asks me to cut their sandwich for them…it’s not that hard but it’s a mild inconvenience on top of the job already being so terrible,” one person claiming to be a barista said. “I wish you all would figure out how to split things yourself. Perhaps ask for a plastic knife.”

Another user asked Hargis whether or not she specifically asked for the sandwich to be cut in two or cut in half, in an attempt to solve the mystery.

“We actually got two sandwiches, both cut in half. (He couldn’t decide which he wanted so we split both) and I asked for them to be cut in half. The other one was cut in half like I expected,” Hargis told the user. “I expect whoever was on food was irritated the barista on (drive-thru) told me they would cut them.”

Hargis’ mixup isn’t the first to go viral in recent months when it comes to customers not leaving detailed directions on orders.

In April, a man ordered a birthday cake from Costco asking for “no writing, no designs” and just a red border and added a drawing as an example, but the cake decorator took the drawing literally — and placed it on top of the cake.

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