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Video: Icy Conditions Cause Massive 16 Car Pileup Near Popular Resort

Inclement weather and icy conditions led to a disastrous multi-car crash in the Lake Tahoe area over the weekend.

Videos of the incident show cars coming down an icy road before beginning to lose control. Meanwhile, onlookers scream in horror as they watch more and more cars slide down the roadway and crash into each other like bumper cars.

In total, 16 cars joined the massive pileup, many with significant damage to bumpers, hoods, and windows

Miraculously, no injuries were reported as a result of the ongoing crash.

The tramway road at Bonnie was shut down and reopened once the road was cleared, per the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

“Once they were able to clear the people away and then the vehicles, snowplows were brought in to help with the road conditions,” the sheriff’s office said, noting that one of the cars involved was a sheriff’s office vehicle.

According to Accuweather, Southern Lake Tahoe hit lows of 14 degrees on Friday when the accident occurred.

The Tahoe area received its first major snowstorm of the season over the weekend, with upwards of 13 inches accumulating in certain parts of the area.

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