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Video: Couple Frantically Tries To Wave Down Cruise Ship Before Being Stranded At Dock

It’s one thing to miss a flight, but when embarking on a cruise ship, if you miss the boat, you miss the whole trip.

Last week, two presumably late cruise ship passengers were caught on camera pleading with the captain to not leave the port in Bari, Italy, without them. But it was too late for the pair.

In a TikTok that’s been viewed over 269,000 times, a man and a woman can be seen frantically waving and yelling at the boat to stay docked so that they can get on board.

“Captain, wait for us, please. You can do it if you want to,” the man says in Italian desperately pleading with the man operating the MSC Splendida boat.

Sadly, the begging didn’t work, and, like the captain, viewers on social media also did not feel any sympathy for the cruisegoers. Many people in the comments said the passengers should have managed their time better.

“We have two hours prior to departure to be on board so they were very very late,” one person said bluntly.

“They can’t just stop. For real,” another pointed out. “There is a lot they must do prior to setting sail like the dock the way to walk on would have to be set down again.”

According to MSC’s online policy, passengers’ embarkation begins at the check-in time shown on the ticket for the cruise.

“Check-in closes 2 hours before the ship is due to depart in all embarkation ports. Before arriving at the port, please ensure that all personal details shown on the embarkation form in your e-ticket are checked and correct,” the policy states.

It’s unknown how close to the time of departure the two passengers were in the video.

MSC Cruises did not immediately respond to Entrepreneur’s request for comment.

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