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The Infamous Diner Booth from ‘The Sopranos’ Finale Is Up for Auction — And Some Fans Are Livid: ‘Let Future Generations Enjoy’

The result of the last scene of the celebrated, six-season HBO show, “The Sopranos,” has for some time been bantered by fans who were left thinking about what precisely befell Tony Soprano when he gazed upward from his scandalous burger joint seat and the screen slice to dark.

The cafe scene has been the impetus for many paranoid fears and presumptions about the destiny of Soprano and the encompassing universe.

Presently, enthusiasts of the show get their opportunity to claim a piece of TV history.

Holsten’s Frozen yogurt, Chocolate and Eatery in Bloomfield, New Jersey, where the notorious scene was shot, reported on Instagram that it is unloading the famous corner as the foundation goes through remodels and overhauls.


“The opportunity has arrived. All beneficial things now and again need a redesign. The renowned Sopranos corner is getting a truly necessary cosmetic touch up,” the organization composed of the almost 60-year-old stall. “It has gotten to a place where [the booths] are basically undependable any longer all in all, and we want to contemplate the security of our supporters first.”

The corner is brazenly decorated with a sign that peruses: “This stall is held for the Soprano family.”

Starting around Monday evening, the corner had proactively procured a high offered on eBay of $82,200.

“I would rather not transform it, yet I’m compelled to transform it. I’m compelled to make things stay present day to some degree,” Holsten’s co-proprietor Chris Carley said in a meeting with NJ Advance Media last week. “Individuals will either become acclimated to it, or they will not become acclimated to it. However, I figure they will… ideally, the reaction will be the point at which the enhanced one is in that everyone likes it.”

Carley added that the seats have become logically wilted down throughout the long term, particularly since the finale broadcasted in the mid year of 2007, which made Holsten’s a vacation destination and the stall a unique photograph opp.

In any case, notwithstanding the harm, fanatics of the show are asking the foundation via virtual entertainment to keep the corner how it is, with some in any event, promoting the rebuild as a “horrendous” choice.

“Just can’t grasp this according to a business viewpoint,” one individual composed. “Regardless of whether it is as of now not protected and can’t be fixed, it checks out to fabricate some plexiglass around it. I know such countless individuals who have visited NJ and focused on Holsten’s stop.”

“What makes you extraordinary is your quality item and sentimentality! You don’t have to update, you want to tell people in the future appreciate what more established ages as of now,” one more ringed in.

Carley told NJ Advance Media that the foundation isn’t exactly certain how they will manage the cash from the bartering.

Offering will close at 10:02 p.m. ET on Monday.

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