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She Started A Company At 19. Now It’s Valued At $200 Million, and She’s Launching A New Media Brand to Help Others Achieve “Financial Freedom”

Daniella Pierson started her media company, The Newsette, at age 19, then built it into a juggernaut valued at $200 million, and became what Forbes called “one of the wealthiest women of color in the U.S.” Now she’s launching a new media company to help people do what she’s done — achieve financial freedom.

“The whole thing is money equals freedom,” says Pierson, who is 28. “It’s framing finance as financial fitness, so it becomes a daily practice and something you’re actually excited about.”

The new company is called Be a Breadwinner. It launches on March 20 with a kickoff event at J.P. Morgan Chase’s headquarters in New York City, as well as a newsletter. Other media products, including a podcast network and a book, as well as a new venture capital arm, are slated to follow.

J.P. Morgan Chase is the company’s first partner, and Pierson spent a lot of time developing the concept with Kristin Lemkau, chief executive officer of J.P. Morgan Wealth Management. Chase will co-host the kickoff event in New York — where speakers include designer Diane von Furstenberg, poet Rupi Kaur, Sakara Life cofounder Danielle DuBoise, and Love Wellness founder Lo Bosworth — and Chase will distribute content from the event as well.

Pierson says that Be a Breadwinner and Chase are currently exploring a longer-term partnership.

“It’s based on the struggles that I faced,” she says, “and taking my struggles and my story and everything I learned and building an ecosystem for anyone to become their own breadwinner.”

In addition to Newsette, Pierson also co-founded Wondermind, a mental fitness company she started with Selena Gomez and Mandy Teefey. The trio were featured on Entrepreneur‘s cover in 2021.

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