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Peek Inside the 2024 Academy Award VIP Bags, Reportedly Worth $178,000 and Includes a Private Island Vacation

The 2024 Academy Awards closed out awards season with a bang, including a showstopping and celebrity-filled performance of “I’m Just Ken” by Ryan Gosling and a surprise pregnancy reveal on the red carpet by actress Vanessa Hudgens.

And while “Oppenheimer” emerged as the big winner of the evening with seven awards including Best Picture and Best Director, one of the most talked-about parts of The Oscars is still…the super-exclusive gift bags.

But this year, insiders are shedding light on the coveted goodie bags, which have been rumored to include everything from all-expenses-paid vacations to medical treatments.

Here’s what A-list guests took home with them (even if it’s not a statue). In a TikTok that’s now garnered over 394,000 views, the creators of the gift bags, LA-based marketing from Distinctive Access shows what’s inside the 2024 bags, worth an estimated $178,000 each.

The bags traditionally only go to the host, Jimmy Kimmel, and the nominees in each of the major acting and directing categories, typically around 25 of the top nominees.

This year’s bags included a $50,000 adventure to a ski chalet in the Swiss Alps.

“It’s from Chalet Zermatt Peak, and they get the entire chalet for themselves and up to nine friends,” the team explained. “They [also] get a private luxury villa in St. Barts from St. Barts Paradise with $25,000.”

Other top items included a 24-inch private wine fridge and a 3-D printed six-inch figurine of each of the bag recipients.

“The bags are basically a marketing deal,” per the WSJ. “Brands pay the agency at least $4,000 to expose their goods to some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Most of the expensive items are just invites for trips or services, so they don’t have any real value until the celebrity uses it.”

This year’s freebies also included a slew of other trinkets, including scotch, chocolates, a Rubik’s Cube, cat food and additional everyday products that can fill up an entire suitcase — and another two bags worth.

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