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N.Peal Luxury Cashmere

N.Peal has always offered a piece of London to its customers, incorporating city glamour and timeless style. It’s cherished by urban dwellers, world travelers, Hollywood stars, and royalty alike. The 007 Cashmere Collection draws influence from James Bond — not just inspired by Bond, but worn by Bond in “Skyfall” and “Spectre.”

N.Peal aims to be the global destination for sustainable luxury cashmere, recognized and trusted for its integrity and quality worldwide. The company is committed to social and environmental impacts, ensuring its products are sourced and manufactured responsibly, cultivating nature, and protecting the environment for Mongolian herders and goats.

N.Peal bringing EXEC Members its timeless collection of men’s and women’s cashmere clothing. Made from 100% Mongolian cashmere, choose from a wide range of items, including best-selling classics like the Oxford Round Neck men’s cashmere jumper, which is available in a range of time-honored and seasonal shades, and the cashmere gilets, which are perfect for casual day-to-day wear or layering. From cable knit cashmere jumpers to zip-knit styles and cardigans, the men’s cashmere collection captures effortless style with every carefully crafted piece.

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