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McCormick’s Prediction for 2024’s Flavor of the Year Just Dropped, But It May Be Unfamiliar to Some

cCormick & Company‘s pick for 2024’s Flavor of the Year is Tamarind, a tangy and sweet flavor.

The seasoning and spice maker has released a foretelling “Flavor of the Year” report since 2000. A team of 50 people, including chefs, food technologists, and food trend experts, spent nine months researching before selecting Tamarind based on three rising food trends: growing demand for tangy and sour foods, modernized regional dishes and revamped takes on nostalgic classics.

“All of those trends that we saw this year, we see them projected through this one flavor,” said McCormick Executive Chef Hadar Cohen Aviram, per CNN. “We’re looking at what’s trending, that is the key, but knowing when it’s the right time and when the chef starts featuring that [flavor]… that’s when we know that it’s coming up.”

Tamarind has been a popular ingredient for thousands of years and is used in dishes such as Pad Thai and soups. It grows on a tree throughout Africa, Mexico, Asia, and India.

Following McCormick’s pick for Flavor of the Year, the company released a new Tamarind & Pasilla Chile Seasoning that’s available online for $5.95, according to a press release.

In addition to the new seasoning, McCormick has partnered with Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer, a chain of restaurants known for its over-the-top milkshakes and other treats, to create several Tamarind-infused items. The limited edition Tamarind dishes will be available for a limited time at Black Taps’ U.S. locations starting February 1, 2024.

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