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Illinois Woman Arrested for Stealing a Dump Truck — And Claimed It Was to Start a Side Hustle

She says she did it for her side hustle — but no one is entirely sure what that side hustle is.

Destiny C. Bretz, a 27-year-old Evansville, Illinois woman, was arrested for attempting to steal a yellow dump truck in broad daylight.


According to witnesses, Bretz hijacked a truck with a flatbed trailer carrying a John Deere backhoe. When a man in a nearby truck saw the theft, he pulled his vehicle in front of her and yelled for help. At that point, another witness pulled their vehicle behind the dump truck, completely boxing in Bretz, according to local outlet WFIE.

When the cops arrived at the scene, they found Bretz standing near the yellow dump truck with the person who had called 911. She informed them that she had stolen the truck to jumpstart a “side business,” but the police did not specify exactly what that was.

Bretz was on parole for a previous theft charge in Evansville and had also pled guilty to tampering with a motor vehicle in Missouri. She was arrested and booked into the Vanderburgh County jail without bond.

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