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‘I Was Young and Should Have Known It’: Mark Cuban Says This Is the 1 Thing He’d ‘Do Differently’ in Life

Billionaire and “Shark Tank” star Mark Cuban, 65, isn’t one to shy away from doling out life advice and business pointers on social media.

But recently, Cuban told his followers that the one thing he would “do differently” is to worry less about aging and not worry about “getting old at every milestone” birthday.

On Threads, Meta’s rival platform to X, Cuban responded to a post by fitness coach and author Steve Kamb which sarcastically listed out several ways to “stay strong and fit” at age 39, which included luck, genetics, privilege, not having kids, having never been overweight, having no chronic health issues among other factors.



“I was young and should have known it,” Cuban wrote optimistically. “Your body will change. Your diet will need to change. But that’s not being old. That’s being wise!”

Cuban inspired a slew of positive responses from followers on the platform who chimed in with anecdotes about growing older and how mindset is everything when it comes to aging.

“I’m privileged to feel that life continues to improve with age,” one user wrote. “47 now and can’t imagine any age from the past that I’d want to be again.”

“I’m 55 and have come to appreciate every year I age. Life is so short,” another said. “We must enjoy every minute! Love your people and let them know every single day.”

Last month, Cuban spoke with Entrepreneur about the importance of being able to tap into a business mindset when other distractions and life events demand your attention.

“It’s hard,” he admitted. “You have to find ‘me time’ where you can focus on what you need to learn, do, and focus on.”

Cuban is set to turn 66 on July 31. His current net worth is an estimated $7.16 billion, per Bloomberg.

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