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How Did M&Ms Become A Mascot Of The Culture War?

Did you hear? The M&Ms “spokes candies” have been canceled for being too “polarizing,” and have now been replaced by the comedian Maya Rudolph.

Does any of this make sense?

This is the world we live in now, where the culture war has permeated every single surface, from “non-binary” Mr. Potato Head to “woke” Scooby-Doo, and feverish claims that the Purple M&M might be obese. We’re witnessing mass brain rot, on an unprecedented scale; how did it come to this?

Inclusive M&Ms

About a year ago, Mars Wrigley rebooted its cast of “spokescandies” to reflect a more inclusive, diverse world, a change that absolutely no one asked for, and inspired a wave of mockery, memes, and feigned outrage on Fox News.

Green M&M replaced her high-heeled boots with sneakers, and orange was diagnosed with “anxiety,” for some reason.

Calls for diverse representation in film and television were never intended to spill over into the realm of sentient candy; a cynic might say that the M&Ms marketing department were hoping to spark outrage, that sparking a conversation about “wokeness gone mad” makes for a cheap, loud marketing campaign, guaranteed to ignite a chain reaction across the political spectrum.

The change even sparked conspiracy theories that Mars was hoping to distract the public from a child labor lawsuit.

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