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Flip The Script on Your Financial Growth. Follow This Wealth Builder’s Playbook to Success.

A deep dive into Brian Dalsamo’s proven strategies for financial growth.

Iwas recently speaking at a mastermind for Mawer Capital. It was a two-day event, and even though I spoke on day one, I stuck around so I could learn from the other speakers.

On day two, Brian Dalsamo, founder of Matrix Success Networks, took the stage. Two thoughts came to mind after his presentation.

The first was, “Man, I’m so glad I don’t have to go after him.” Seriously, the guy just crushed it. He delivered incredibly valuable information in a short period of time and provided tactic-level responses to the questions raised by the audience. No fluff or trite responses.

My next thought was, “I gotta interview this guy so I can share his knowledge with my audience.”

Brian is the founder of Matrix Success Networks, an organization that serves individuals and businesses who wish to accelerate their wealth-building and performance. And if you only do one thing after reading this article, you have to head to his website and complete his free wheel of life exercise.

It’s an interactive chart used to map out exactly where you’re at in all facets of life at the present moment so that you have a blueprint to achieve the highest level of fulfillment. I suggest blocking off at least 30 minutes so you can get the full impact.

And, of course, check out the latest episode of the Launch Your Business podcast so you can listen in on the full interview. You can see a few of my key takeaways below.

To change the world, change your entire outlook

Brian noted that the people who create huge shifts aren’t looking for outward inspiration – often, they’re creating the reality they’d like to see, regardless of what is in front of them.

“They’re using their imagination – this sounds maybe rudimentary – but they’re not looking at the environment, they’re not looking at the current anything to cause their thinking. They’re thinking to cause new results.”

This reminds me of a quote by George Bernard Shaw: “Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world. Unreasonable people attempt to adapt the world to themselves. All progress, therefore, depends on unreasonable people.”

So, if you want to change the world and your future, it’s time to be unreasonable.

There’s a distinction between wealth and money

If you stop random people on the street and ask them what they want, chances are a lot of the answers are going to boil down to, “I want to be rich.”

But Brian said that the reality is that most people don’t actually want a billion dollars and all the responsibilities that come along with that.

“What they really want, what we’ve come down to is between $10 and $20 million liquid invested properly, so they can do what they want, with who they want, when they want, and where they want,” Brian explained that it’s about freedom to shape your life – which is still impossible if your making millions, but are tied to the office for 80 hours a week. “That’s not freedom. That’s just a lot of money coming in.”

You should also focus on the emotion that accompanies what you’d like. How will it feel to be rich?

  • Limitless
  • Empowered
  • Free from worry

Then, find opportunities to feel that way now so you won’t get caught up in the “I’ll be happy when” trap.

For example, I currently live in an apartment in Brooklyn. I eventually want to move to a house with a large backyard (the location is still being determined), and I’ll feel more expansive once I have that huge yard for my family.

So, how can I feel that way now? We can head to the park! Sure, it’s not quite the same, but we can still experience the same emotions that will take place in our future home.

One habit to boost your performance: Create a life script

A life script is a document where you speak about your future life as if it’s the present day. You do this across all the sectors of your life – physical, wealth, emotional, spiritual, relationships. You get specific about what this future life entails, how it feels, and what you’re grateful for – and then you record yourself reading it aloud and listen to this recording at the beginning of your day.

Brian compared it to method acting.

“You see whatever they’re acting. And what’d they do to get there? They read a script over and over and over and over again. See, real actors at a high level, [like Robin Williams] can go from comedy to horror —they’re not acting. They literally become the character for a period of time. For us, we use that same technique to script out your life, and your words, and your sound as if it’s already done. And you listen to it every morning.”

You’re both the author and main character in your life script, so put in the time and effort to create an epic story.

Next steps

Ready to learn more from Brian?

Head to the Matrix Success website and be sure to complete your wheel of life exercise.

Check out his YouTube channel, where you’ll discover ways to shift your mindset, elevate to a higher level of awareness, and attract greater abundance in your life.

And, of course, listen to our interview on the Launch Your Business podcast.

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