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Dick Van Dyke Turns Local Grocery Store Into His Own ‘Stage’ Breaking Out into ‘Song and Dance’ for Customers

Dick Van Dyke isn’t afraid to bust a move while running his errands.

During a CBS tribute special to celebrate the Hollywood legend entitled Dick Van Dyke 98 Years of Magic, Jane Seymour described how she’d bump into the 98-year-old at their local grocer and see him entertaining customers in the aisles.

“I would go to the local grocery store, pushing a trolley and coming towards me, I saw Dick Van Dyke,” she explained on the Thursday show. “Well, of course, I wondered if it was really him, but then people would surround him, and he’d suddenly break out into a little song and dance.”

“I thought it was amazing,” Seymour continued. “But anyway, I went back the next day, and he was back again, and I said, ‘What’s going on?’ And he said, ‘My wife always needs something. She sends me out every day.’ He loved it. He turned the grocery store into his stage.”

The pair worked together on Buttons: A Christmas Tale in 2018, per People.

Although there’s no photographic evidence of Van Dyke’s grocery store performances, Seymour isn’t the only one who has caught a glimpse of him at the market spreading cheer over the years.

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