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Elon Musk Says Neuralink Just Implanted Its ‘Telepathy’ Device in a Human Brain for the First Time — Here’s What That Means

Key Takeaways The device promises to allow users to control phones or computers with their thoughts, targeting individuals with severe limb impairment initially. The company received approval from the Food and Drug Administration to start human testing last May. Elon Musk‘s Neuralink says it took a significant next step in the development of its neurotechnology. On Monday, […]

Richard Branson Says This Is the Most Crucial Skill An Entrepreneur Needs to Succeed: ‘A Business Is Only a Group of People’

Billionaire Richard Branson knows a thing or two about building a strong team and brand — he’s founded around 60 various businesses under the Virgin Enterprises umbrella, including Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Hotels, and Virgin Voyages, and made friendships with fellow billionaire entrepreneurs, such as Elon Musk and Bill Gates. Earlier this month, Entrepreneur attended the relaunch of RM72, […]

The CFO’s Daily Checklist: 10 Strategies to Be More Efficient and Effective

Top finance leaders are facing a pain point that many other organizational leaders don’t understand. Companies want someone who is strategic and who can be a strategic business partner, but they also want someone to keep all of the numbers in line and trending in the right direction. Essentially, two full-time jobs in one. While […]

Save Almost $200 on Microsoft Office 2019 Productivity Suites for Windows or Mac

Entrepreneurs understand the importance of streamlining tasks and devising approaches primed to deliver consistent results. In those efforts, possessing the proper tools is paramount, and Microsoft Office has supplied helpful innovations for decades. More than one billion people use Microsoft Office globally (per ZipDo) and, for a limited time, we’re making it easier to access those […]

Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran Make Surprise ‘Saturday Night Live’ Cameo: Video

“Shark Tank” stars Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban are no strangers to the television screen, but the pair’s latest cameo was certainly not business as usual. The two joined actress Dakota Johnson on this weekend’s new episode of “Saturday Night Live” playing themselves in a sketch where they offer their funds and expertise. In the […]

Are Your Networking Efforts Falling Flat? Shake Things Up With These 5 Strategies.

Key Takeaways Professional networking is critical for small businesses, offering paths to new relationships, customer acquisition and growth. Taking proactive steps like community involvement, targeted connections and online engagement can significantly boost a small business owner’s networking efforts. Networking is an integral part of operating a small business, as it facilitates the development of relationships, […]

Why You Shouldn’t Wait Have the Hard Conversations With Your Employees

Key Takeaways Effective management requires prompt addressing of performance issues to prevent escalation and foster employee success. Personalized feedback and trusting relationships are crucial for successfully navigating difficult conversations with employees. Innovative strategies, such as offering severance choices, can motivate employees to improve and positively impact company retention. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their […]